What is Oslo Pin Club

Oslo Pin Club (OPC) is a non-profit organisation founded on February 24th, 1992 with the intention of providing a place for collectors of Olympic memorabilia to exchange information. Since the club’s foundation, many collectors have included non-Olympic sports areas and items.

One of our goals is to stimulate our members to collect for the pleasure of collecting and not just for a short term financial gain.

Furthermore the club will promote the interests of the pincollectors above those of the dealers and sports organisations and function as a contact point for collectors, and also arrange gatherings.
The club constantly works towards clearing the market of fake and unauthorised or stolen pins and memorabilia.

OPC arranges 10-11 meetings per year for members and other collectors. At these meetings the collectors can enjoy the company of like minded people, and therefore better maintain the joy of collecting, you can socialise with other collectors, establish good connections, and of course exchange pins and memorabilia, either by trading or by buying and selling.

Non members are encouraged to attend one of our membership meetings to see if membership of OPC is something for you. Click on the link “Become member now” for more details on membership.
In advance of each membership meeting, members will receive, by email, details of the meeting, news about the club, pins and items of interest to collectors.

The club makes a new membership pin every year which is given to members free of charge.